A space for women who won't settle for less than the life they truly desire.


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the year ahead and why January birthdays are the best. ever.

It takes a village.

WElcome to the settle up BLog

This African proverb describes how an entire community of people must interact with children in order for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment.

The intention of this space is to create that type of community for women. It is a safe space to grow, share experiences, and explore resources which will support them in designing the life they truly desire. 

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my second trimester with #2


symptoms, must-haves, and preparing Jack to be a big brother.

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clean skincare tips for fall + winter

Self Care

support your skin with the cooler temps

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five commitments to myself in 2021.

Self Care

how I’m starting the new year and it doesn’t include resolutions.

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a quick guide to a clean start.

Self Care

a how-to guide to swap to clean and say goodbye to harmful ingredients.