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my fav clean products for baby + toddler

August 10, 2021

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I share a lot about my passion and commitment to using cleaner personal care products for myself. I also have a responsibility to provide J with clean products, too. I think most parents are thoughtful about using safe products for their children but the abundance of options can be overwhelming.

I’ve got you covered! Here’s a shortlist of my favorite clean, safe, and effective products for babies and toddlers. Almost every item on the list can be found at most retailers, like Target and Walmart, and available on Amazon Prime.

  • Baby Wipes | Through trial and error, I found and love Water Wipes. The purest, simplest ingredients and wet enough to get “the job” done. Some wipes dry out as the package has less wipes, which is the worst when you’re dealing with a messy diaper. Each wipe stays moist and ready to use no matter how long it takes you to get through the package.
  • Diapers | Dyper brand was referred to me early in J’s life and I’ve never gone back to a corporate diaper brand. Sustainable, plant based diapers that are compostable. The best of both disposable and cloth diaper worlds! These clean ingredients helped J to avoid diaper rashes and leaks. It ships straight to your door with a monthly subscription of $64/month. You can delay your shipment and change sizes easily as baby grows.
  • Maty’s All Natural Multipurpose Baby Ointment | We call it “butt paste” but it’s the ointment that you use on babe’s tush to help with rashes and make diaper changes easier. We love Maty’s because its gentle and effective ingredients mean we can use it on any part of J’s body. Rash, scratches, drool rashes, you name it. One container lasts about six months.
  • Sunscreen | There are a lot of great ‘screens out there for kiddos and you want to be careful that the brand you choose is benzene-free and uses non-nano zinc. Benzene is a known carcinogen that is not regulated by the FDA and non-nano zinc prevents UVA + UVB rays from penetrating the skin. The only ‘screen that J uses without complaint is Beautycounter’s Sunscreen Stick. I use it primarly for his face and then use Think Baby for his body.
  • Toothpaste + Toothbrush | Once your little human has teefers that need to be cleaned as often as you brush your teeth, search for products without fluoride. Making the switch to organic and natural toothpaste means fewer chemicals and additives, and more natural whiteners and essential oils for minty fresh breath. We love Nuby and J loves their flavors!
  • Baby Mantra 3-in 1 Shampoo, Body Wash, and Bubble Bath | While I have a better bubble bath for you below, Baby Mantra’s 3-in-1 is stellar for shampoo and body wash. No need to buy separate products. This product is gentle, tear-free (unless your little human just doesn’t like baths!) for babies and toddlers alike. Scent free or choose a scent of your liking!
  • Alaffia Bubble Bath | Finding a bubble bath the creates fun, sudsy bubbles but it also gentle on J’s skin was another trial and error search. Alaffia delivers on all fronts, and also gives back through their 501c3 non-profit, The Alaffia Foundation. They empower African communities through the advancement of Fair Trade, education, sustainable living and gender equality.

I am always happy to share more recommendations. Comment below with your questions. I have a full list of recommended products for your registry and hospital bag if you need additional support prepping for the baby’s arrival.

What are your favorite clean products for your little ones? Comment below and share the wealth!

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