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January 21, 2022

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What a month it’s been! We’ve had many changes in our household as a result of the ever-changing pandemic landscape; Jack’s preschool and music class went from in-person to virtual which requires a lot of agility and patience with parents who both work full-time. On a brighter note, it’s also been a big month because we have two January birthdays in our family! Jack turned three on January 17th and I turn thirty-six on January 30th.

With agility comes creativity and we have been taking every day in stride, finding comfort and joy with some of our new favorite things. Sharing the goods below for anyone that needs fresh ideas for their kiddo or themselves!

  1. Melissa + Doug Double-Sided Tabletop Easel. Includes magnet letters and numbers, a chalkboard, a whiteboard, and a roll of paper on the top for drawing and coloring. J’s favorite activity is requesting Z or I draw doodles of his fav Pixar characters, our house, or our car. It sits easily on the floor or a table and the mess is minimal!
  2. FAO Schwartz Bake Set from Target. A birthday gift from his Godfather and Auntie that has become a HUGE hit. The cookies are made of wood and the “frosting” is made of a foam type of play-doh so it’s not sticky or messy. I also love that this toy is a departure from traditional boy toys. Boys can bake, too!
  3. Smallbirds. These are sold out on the All Birds website but they are available through other retailers. They must have been a huge hit for the holidays! Why we love them: sustainably made, quick dry for rainy Seattle weather, easy to put on, and they stretch a bit so there’s room to grow! Pictured above: J’s first time wearing them at the park!
  4. Sticker Books. A purchase I made that I never thought would be as big of a hit as it has been! The Disney ones I found on Amazon are inexpensive and have been HOURS of entertainment for J. The pages have blank spots for the stickers with character descriptions and then they flip to the back of the book to find the correct sticker to match the character description. J loves this Cars one and this one. They work well for travelling or for an at-home activity.
  1. Eminence Organics Apricot Body Oil. The cold outdoors and the warm heat inside the house can dry out the skin and I have loved switching to body oil. This formula is light weight, non-greasy, and targets hydration and fine lines for your whole body. The baby belly has loved it, too! Eminence is a brand that uses sustainable farming and green practices to create their organic formulations, which I love and appreciate.
  2. Minnetonka Slippers. A Secret Santa gift that keeps on giving! I’ve had Ugg brand slippers before but the quality was disappointing for the price point. You can get these slippers for under $60 and the quality is so much better than Uggs! I’ve spilled coffee, milk, and countless other things on them and the fabric has been resilient in spot cleaning. They still look new! I need resilient clothing and shoes for this toddler (and soon, another baby!) season of life.
  3. Countertime Tripeptide Radiance Serum. The anti-aging serum I can’t live without. I took a break while I cleared up some horomonal pregnancy acne but recently added this product back into my routine. The clean formulation targets fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and hydrates the skin. I forgot what a difference it makes in my skin over such a short time. Can’t say enough good things about it. Great for any age and skin type!
  4. Painting Meditation. I shared this earlier this month and after experiencing my friend, Jeanne’s painting meditation workshop I am a changed woman. This artful expression of meditation grounds me in calm and focus. When there is so much we can’t control, this practice brings me joy. The piece I am working on now, pictured below, is meant for baby #2 and his future nursery. Sign up for her next workshop here!

So tell me, what are you loving lately? What’s bringing you joy and comfort during these crazy times we’re living in?

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