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five commitments to myself in 2021.

February 13, 2021

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self care

a quick guide to a clean start.

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five commitments to myself in 2021.

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One of the intentions of Settle Up is to offer community and conversation around remaining resilient and finding joy in the little things as we continue to navigate challenging times. I am sharing five ways I’m starting the new year and you won’t find anything to do with new year’s resolutions. I hope they spark inspiration for where you want to begin this year.

the universe has your back.

I heard this quote recently and it stuck with me. Powerful, isn’t it? In lieu of resolutions, I’m began my year with Gabby Bernstein’s 21-Day Manifestation Challenge. It is a practice in keeping my energy in alignment with what I desire most. Access her free guided meditations here.

movement…my way.

No more weight loss challenges. No more scales. I am moving my body everyday as an act of love. This year I’m working out because it feels good, both physically and emotionally. After 2020, I’m looking forward to losing some emotional weight.

a clean start.

When was the last time you read the labels on your personal care products? I’m cleaning out toxic products in my bathroom and kitchen this month. Wanna join me? Beautycounter has a simple guide to give you a clean start on your personal care products and 20% off your first order with promo code CLEANFORALL20.

create a ritual.

It’s been proven that being in nature is good for our health. There’s research saying children benefit from having weekly, device-free traditions or rituals together a family. We decided ours will be a family run every Saturday, Seattle rain or shine! Do I sometimes wish I was riding in the jogging stroller instead of Jack? Sure, but I am surprised by how much I’m enjoying running!

birthday candles for two.

January is our birthday month. Jack turned two and I turned thirty-five. It’s easy to be sad about time flying by especially in a pandemic and missing our loved ones. This year, I will not be sad my baby isn’t a baby anymore and I won’t be hard on myself or judge where I “should” be at 35. We are healthy, Jack is thriving, I am evolving, and those are the greatest gifts we can ask for.

I wish you a year with quiet moments to restore, good books to provoke your imagination, a healthy balance of remaining informed on current events and taking breaks from news feeds, and most importantly, having meaningful connection with yourself and loved ones.

What commitments are you making to yourself this year? Share below and let’s cheer each other on!

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  1. cj says:

    I am committing to keeping an open mind and heart, to listening better and understanding more. I am committed to finding wisdom in unlikely places and planting seeds of loving thoughts wherever I can.
    I am committed to choosing love more often!

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